Natural Roots


I received some very helpful advice last night from a friend’s mother. She is a pharmacist turned natural remedy-ist. I asked her about my GERD and she gave me some great pointers on what I should do to try and get off of this nasty Prilosec and return my body back to its health self. She recommended that I continue like I had with my old diet: organic, lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains, and recently I have cut dairy because of the effect it has on my stomach. But now, she says I should cut red meat, sugar, tomatoes,and peppers. Red meat is basically out of my diet already, tomatoes and peppers is disappointing but doable, and sugar, oh sugar. This one has always been a difficult one for me, but I know I can do it for a few weeks. She says that these things encourage inflammation.

As far as natural supplements, she believes that I need to start with a good probiotic. This completely makes sense because before I got sick, I was eating yogurt almost every morning, and since then, have had no real amount of probiotics. I am sure my belly is having an incredibly hard time fighting off everything. She also suggested that I try to ween myself off prilosec after a couple weeks of the probiotics. She also recommended, after finishing the prilosec, that I take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar a half hour before each meal to help signal acid creation.

And her most important advice: “remember that natural ways take time to work, it took you a while to get into a state that bothered you so it can take some time to get you back.”


About Megan French

I am a dreamer. I am a hopeful soul that thinks one day we could come together to support each other in a community; support one another's services, hard-work, products, and knowledge. I hope that one day we can be global and local thinkers; supporting each other economically through local interactions and supporting the world globally by respecting other cultures and learning from them. Through local thought and community relationships we can clean up our world environments, power figures, and idea about what is most important in our lives. It all begins with knowledge and understand about how to get back to the basics: cooking, sewing, foraging, preserving, scouting... DIY for life and for the future of our society.

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