New Brew


Started a new brew to bring in the spring in a few weeks. The recipe is called the “Dank Nugget IPA” but we wanted to thrown in a little spring flare so we added some jasmine flower to give it that much desired floral note.

Extract: 7lb Light Light Malt Extract


  • 1lb Crystal Malt 15L
  • .25lb Honey Malt
  • .25lb Biscuit Malt

Hopping Schedule:

  • Nugget 1.5oz 60 minutes, Cascade 1oz 20 minutes, Nugget .5oz 10 minutes, Jasmine Flowers 2oz 5 minutes.

Its already bubblin and smells wonderful. I am excited for this batch and have very high hopes. I also figured out some good info for my next batch of tea inspired beers. I found out that tea cannot actually be added to beer because the yeast and the antioxidants do not generally enjoy each other’s company. The brew man told me, though, that instead of using the actual tea, use the flavors associated with the tea. So my next inspiration is a chai stout, but instead of using the black tea, creating a combo of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg with some smokey notes in the black and chocolate malts. Excellent!

Just found out recently too, that Shane’s workaway program will be at a Bed and Breakfast/Microbrewery. Cant wait for him to learn all the tricks of the trade.


About Megan French

I am a dreamer. I am a hopeful soul that thinks one day we could come together to support each other in a community; support one another's services, hard-work, products, and knowledge. I hope that one day we can be global and local thinkers; supporting each other economically through local interactions and supporting the world globally by respecting other cultures and learning from them. Through local thought and community relationships we can clean up our world environments, power figures, and idea about what is most important in our lives. It all begins with knowledge and understand about how to get back to the basics: cooking, sewing, foraging, preserving, scouting... DIY for life and for the future of our society.

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