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Agate Alley


Agate Alley is quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations for dining and drinking. They have an amazing outdoor seating area that is warmed by a pine stocked fire and a eclectic yet classy indoor seating area. I decided to get a tasty drink there after a long day of working Saturday Market and wanted something especially thirst quenching and body soothing; upon searching the cocktail list I was torn between the Agate Alley Lemonade (Absolute Citron, ginger syrup, lemon juice, pomegranate, soda) and the Marionberry Mint Margarita. I chose the latter, a smooth, fruity concoction that had a perfect blend of Sauza silver, triple sec, fresh sour, organic marionberries, fresh mint. So refreshing…

I went back one Sunday morning for their brunch and was once again happily surprised. I sat alone in the outside seating area, reading the paper and drinking fresh squeezed orange juice until my meal had arrived. All of the brunch items had cute local street names, like the Onyx Street, Emerald Street, etc., but I chose the University Street, which they describe as “Smoked Salmon Hash. House-smoked wild salmon, hash browns, bell peppers and onions, hashin’ it out with two poached eggs and our house-made hollandaise. Served with toast and choice of side.” The side choices are Oregon Peppered Bacon, chicken apple sausage, veggie sausage, agate alley hash browns, or seasonal fruit. I chose the fruit because, wow, it already sounded like plenty of food.

I only ate half my meal because the portions were so generous. But believe me, it was hard to put down my fork. I started becoming more and more interested in their business and learned that…

“We are committed to buying local and organic vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood, and serving them to you with passion, intelligence and gravitas. We proudly serve only the best of the northwest’s wines and brews. With daily lunch and dinner specials taking full advantage of seasonal harvests, Agate Alley pledges to make your experience exceptional.”

I am also excited to announce that I will be making the challah bread for their new menu item: Wild Mushroom Crostini:  Grilled Eugene City Bakery Challah bread, topped with grilled seasonal wild mushrooms and mixed greens. Dressed with Champagne Truffle Vinaigrette.

I cant wait to try out their Fondue Mondays,  Taco Tuesdays ($2 tacos $4 margaritas!), and Ecopint Wednesdays! Go Agate Alley!




Shane and I stayed in the Out N’ About Treehouse Treesort this weekend, located in Takilma, Oregon about 30 minutes away from California border and 45 minutes away from Grants Pass. And yes, the resort is about as whacky as the name. We had a great time, sleeping 35 feet up in the air, drinking wine, and eating way too
much good food. The treesort has about 15 tree-cabins, includes a pretty tasty breakfast in the morning, and has “activitrees” like horseback riding and in the summer tie-dying, composting, and mosaic classes. But the activitree we decided to do was the ziplining and tarzan swing! Lots of fun, even in the pouring rain.

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Goal check in


So its been about a month since I have posted anything, and its been a crazy one as always. I finally got a day off to sit down, and I thought maybe it was time to check in on the goals I set for myself during this rough winter…

My first goal was to work less, but more fulfilling hours at Eugene City. So far, I have definitely felt more fulfilled at the bakery, but definitely not working less hours. I am hanging out around 25 to 30 hours, and though it seems to be a lot, I am still managing to have energy and am still excited to go to work everyday. I am officially trained on making laminate pastry dough, which is a ton of fun and a great skill to know. There is something so invigorating about throwing 45 pounds of dough around. I am also working the Saturday market. It is great to be able to trade goods and by pass the entire monetary system. It feels right. A loaf for some radishes and greens, wonderful thank you.  And speaking of the market, we are starting to get some great local foods back that I missed so much. Radishes (new found love), baby parsnips, beets, greens, shroomies, yum. Not to mention, Field to Table is right across from us, what a treat. In the morning the guys came over and got a few loaves of polenta from us, walked around and gathered some other market goodies. About an hour later, they brought over the most delicious breakfast I have ever tasted: A duck confit scramble with polenta cakes and greens. Bomb!

My second goal was to “reinvent my creative self.” So far, that one has been a struggle, as always, but I am trying to get back into it.  I signed up for a two day sewing class that has already boosted my sewing confidence ten fold in only one day. The class is based around tailoring and alternations, but just relearning to use the equipment and getting a feel for Bernina was all I needed. I am also taking the only class I think that has ever helped me in college before: BA 410 New Business Planning. I am a “practically” creative, so this class has helped me to create the business I want and to release my sustainable and “green” creativity.  More on the business later.

My last goal was to do more fulfilling physical activities. This I have done the worst at. It was very difficult to get back into the gym after being sick for so long, it was partially a fear thing and mostly a motivational thing. I am now going about 3 to 4 times a week and am pretty happy with that. I stand for 7 to 12 hours at work when I go most days, so I can justify the days off :). I also recently checked out the YMCA and found that they offer a monthly pass for 35 dollars for students that includes Everything. They have so many yoga classes to offer; anywhere from 2 (on the weekends) to 7 classes a day. I plan on getting a pass after I am secured on money (with having to find a new place to live and all..).

This summer without Shane will be difficult, but I think it will also force me to have to fill time with “things.” What better things can I think of then yoga, gardening, and sewing. I am already starting, just finished planting my herb garden, got some starts for the Skinner garden, and am starting a small sewing project that just involves making grocery bags for myself (and family/friends), because who wants to spend 1 dollar (for slave labored carcinogen filled) to 5 dollars for grocery bags when I can practically do them for free.

Oh, one last quick thing, Jasmine IPA is officially bottled. Heavy Head Brew #3. HHB #4 maybe an orange heff?