Shane and I stayed in the Out N’ About Treehouse Treesort this weekend, located in Takilma, Oregon about 30 minutes away from California border and 45 minutes away from Grants Pass. And yes, the resort is about as whacky as the name. We had a great time, sleeping 35 feet up in the air, drinking wine, and eating way too
much good food. The treesort has about 15 tree-cabins, includes a pretty tasty breakfast in the morning, and has “activitrees” like horseback riding and in the summer tie-dying, composting, and mosaic classes. But the activitree we decided to do was the ziplining and tarzan swing! Lots of fun, even in the pouring rain.

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About Megan French

I am a dreamer. I am a hopeful soul that thinks one day we could come together to support each other in a community; support one another's services, hard-work, products, and knowledge. I hope that one day we can be global and local thinkers; supporting each other economically through local interactions and supporting the world globally by respecting other cultures and learning from them. Through local thought and community relationships we can clean up our world environments, power figures, and idea about what is most important in our lives. It all begins with knowledge and understand about how to get back to the basics: cooking, sewing, foraging, preserving, scouting... DIY for life and for the future of our society.

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